Father of the Bride – The Role, the Responsibilities and the Speech

Being the Father of the Bride does not necessarily need to involve numerous nightmares and headaches for dear old Dad. You will no doubt find your daughter’s wedding day will be one of the most beautiful, auspicious and joyful occasions your family will share. But be prepared - your role is far more involved than simply signing the bank cheques (although this in itself may seem like a full time occupation).

The Father of the Bride’s Speech officially welcomes the Groom into your family and toasts the future happiness of the Bride and Groom. Remember that chances to congratulate and praise your family in front of such a large crowd of treasured guests do not come around very often. Make the most of this one by preparing and rehearsing. Follow the “Top Ten Speech Preparation and Delivery Tips” we offer and take note of the following advice specific for your role:

  • Beginning with any humorous or a touching account of your daughter’s childhood helps the crowd gain insight into the person she is
  • Sing the praises of your daughter by noting her accomplishments and strengths – but do so with warmth and sincerity – remember this is a wedding not a job interview
  • Collaborate with the Bride or her mother to be sure you thank all individuals who you need to mention.
  • During the Father of the Bride speech absent friends may be noted – this may be a good time to toast anyone close to the Bride who may have passed on or simply could not be with her on the day.
  • Acknowledge and thank the Groom’s family and welcome your new Son in Law into your own family
  • Make special mention of the Bride’s mother and the work she has done to make this wedding a success – just a few well chosen words in this section of your wedding speech could create some extra marital bliss for you!
  • Use some humor (don’t over do it) but end with a formal, loving toast for the future happiness of your daughter and her new husband!

Your duties as the Father of the Bride include:

  • Helping your daughter to arrange informal, social gatherings where both families can get to know each other before the wedding day
  • Help with the organization of crucial wedding jobs – (for example transport for the Bridal Party or delivering the flowers on the day)
  • Escorting your daughter to the wedding ceremony – a reminder here to let her know how beautiful she looks and how proud you are - and then have a hanky handy for the flood of tears that could follow
  • Walking your daughter slowly up the aisle on your right arm. This tradition is becoming more a matter of choice. It is not uncommon to see mothers leading the bride up the aisle
  • The Father of the Bride gives the Bride away – think of this more as a mutual loan and remember you are not losing a daughter – you are gaining a son!
  • Welcoming guests to the wedding reception – make sure you circulate and meet as many new friends and family as possible on the wedding day.
  • Preparing a well-planned, well-rehearsed Father of the Bride Speech that makes your daughter feel very special, your Son in Law feel welcomed and makes honorable mention of key people involved in the wedding planning including the Groom’s family and your own!
  • Escorting the Bride’s Mother to the dance floor soon after the wedding waltz and then enjoying a dance with your daughter on her wedding day!
  • Help with the organization of wedding gifts and any clean up required after the very big day.

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